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A Woman wheel of life [ Import Book ] Vasundhara Raje (Old Book)

This book is a portrait of modern day India through the eyes of Alexandra Sanchez Gavito, a foreigner who came

Business Process Outsourcing [ Import Book ] Concepts and Perspectives ( Old Book ) CN

With the immense success of business process outsourcing (BPO), firms are increasingly tending to outsource more and more of their

Business Statistic [ Import Book ] S.R.SIngh ( Old Book ) CN

Preface 1. Introduction to Business, Statistics and Business Statistics 2. Business Statistics: Facts, Figures, Valuation and Consolidation 3. Introduction to

Empirical Studies In Education [ Import Book ] Neel Kamal ( Old Book ) CN

The studies incorporated in this book have been conducted from the year 1992 to 2004 and all these studies have

Finacial Shock [ Import Book ] Mark Zandi ( Old Book ) CN

“Every once in a while a book comes along that’s so important, it commands recognition This is one of them.

Gainsharing [ Import Book ] Carl G.Thor (Old Book) CN

“Gainsharing is an incentive system that rewards employees for improving the performance of their organization by promptly sharing the value

Hr Trends In Service Sector

The service industry is dominating the world economy since the mid-90s. After globalization, both the developed and the emerging economies

Internatinonal Commissions and the Power of Ideas [ Import Books ] (Old Book) CN

“This is the first volume that really focuses on the nature and impacts of the international commission, it addresses the

Phd : The Pursuit of Excellence (Old Book)

PhD: The Pursuit of Excellence is an updated edition of So You Want to Get a PhD. This book aims

Stress Audit Concepts And Cases [ Import Book ] B Sujatha ( old Book ) CN

Work-related stress has been identified as the costliest lifestyle factor that affects both employers and employees the world over. Stress