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The Sun And The Star – A Nico Di Angelo Adventure

ONE PROPHECY. TWO DEMIGODS.A HEROIC QUEST Nico di Angelo is pretty familiar with the realms of death, being the son of Hades and all.So when a desperate voice starts plaguing his dreams,Nico is convinced it's coming from the Underworld and belongs to aı old friend-a reformed Titan called Bob.Then an ominous prophecy leaves Nico in no doubt-Bob needs help and Nico must rescue him. Of course Nico's boyfriend,Will Solace, the son of Apollo(the god of light), insists on joining the quest too. But can Will even survive in the darkest part of the world? And what does the prophecy mean when it says that Nico will have to leave something of equal value behind? Join two of the most popular characters from the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians and discover what it takes to be a hero in this thrilling standalone adventure.